Get a copy of the  guide to help parents prepare their teens to be happy, confident and independent!

"Allyson has taken her hands-on learning, experience and research and created this amazing formula that every parent can follow and guide their child to independence. If you want your children to be independent adults, this is the book you must read."

Veenu K. Keller,
#1 Best Selling Author, Behavior Coach and Speaker



Loren Slocum Lahav

International Speaker and Author of The Greatest Love: Being An Extraordinary Mom, Life TuneUps, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive and The Courage to Raise a Gentleman

“Allyson is a gift because she walks her talk! Please Don't Come Home (Except For A Visit) is a must read for every parent who wants to set his or her teen on the path to independence giving them the confidence to know they will be successful and fulfilled.”

Joe Williams

Strategic Expert | Specializing in Creating World-Class Speakers and Impact Entrepreneurs

“With real-life examples and specific tools and strategies that will help every parent set their kids up to win, this book is a lighthouse in the sea of uncertainty that graduates face after college.  Allyson is the expert in helping young people and their parents find resourcefulness and clarity in our ever-changing world. “

Alex Changho

#1 Best Selling Author, Business Coach and Speaker

“Allyson provides a real, down-to-earth way to prepare teens for success and becoming functional adults.  Focusing more than on just “traditional schooling,” her GRIT strategy highlights the need for real education to help kids, and transform parents’ relationships with them as they grow. “ 


Best selling author, speaker, and accomplished executive coach, Allyson Ward helps you harness the skills to become a stronger more confident manager, leader, and parent all while removing the stress associated with balancing business and family life. 

As a single mother of two daughters for many years she harnesses her own experience combined with real stories from her clients.  She explains concepts simply guiding her clients to increased confidence, balance, and success.

Allyson has a B.A. in Economics from Boston College and an M.B.A from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She completed her coaching training with Coaches Training Institute.  She is committed to ongoing education and invests a minimum of four weeks annually at leadership and development workshops.

For 20 Allyson led large teams in marketing and sales at IBM.  Additionally, she spends 5 weeks each year supporting participants at Tony Robbins events.  She is featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Time to Thrive and is the best-selling author of Please Don't Come Home (Except for a Visit): A Field Guide to Creating Independent Adults.

Allyson lives in Washington, DC with her husband, Jose, and their Labradoodle. Allyson’s youngest daughter is a student attending Howard University.


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